Meet Our Dairy Farmers

Get to know the families that bring the goodness of milk to you.


Gilmer Family (Sulligent, AL)

Gilmer Family

Wright Family (Alexandria, AL)

Wright Family

DeJong Family (Slocomb, AL)

DeJong Family


Chambers Family (Gray, GA)

Chambers Family

Coble Family (Waynesboro, GA)

Coble Family

Davis Family (Eatonton, GA)

Davis Family

Eberly Family (Waynesboro, GA)

Eberly Family

Glover Family (Clermont, GA)

Glover Family

Graft Family (Americus, GA)

Graft Family

Oak Hill Family (Leesburg, GA)

Oak Hill Family

Rodgers Family (Dearing, GA)

Rodgers Family

Truelove Family (Clermont, GA)

Truelove Family

Wooten Family (Eatonton, GA)

Wooten Family

Young Family (Tennille, GA)

Young Family


Baker Family (Columbia, KY)

Baker Family

Ballance Family (Oakland, KY)

Ballance Family

Barbour Family (Canmer, KY)

Barbour Family

Barlow Family (Cave City, KY)

Barlow Family

Clark Family (Paducah, KY)

Clark Family

Crist Family (Edmonton, KY)

Crist Family

Deener (Campbellsville, KY)

Deener Family

Gaskins Family (Russell, KY)

Gaskins Family

Kinslow (Smith’s Grove, KY)

Kinslow Family

Rowlett Family (Oakland, KY)

Rowlett Family

Sidebottom (Greensburg, KY)

Sidebottom Family

Wright Family (Russellville, KY)

Wright Family


Alford Family (Mt. Hermon, LA)

Alford Family

Conerly Family (Kentwood, LA)

Conerly Family

Faunce Family (Loranger, LA)

Faunce Family

Fisher Family (Keatchie, LA)

Fisher Family

Gill Family (Kentwood, LA)

Gill Family

Sharkey Family (Kentwood, LA)

Sharkey Family

Simpson Family (Arcadia, LA)

Simpson Family

Sinagra Family (Amite, LA)

Sinagra Family

Womack Family (Pride, LA)

Womack Family


Ard Family (Ruth, MS)

Ard Family

Bean Family (Liberty, MS)

Bean Family

Graham Family (Thaxton, MS)

Graham Family

Harris Family (Poplarville, MS)

Harris Family

Middleton Family (Moss Point, MS)

Middleton Family

Taylor Family (Booneville, MS)

Taylor Family


Bowman Family (Julian, NC)

Bowman Family

Cornwell Family (Lawndale, NC)

Cornwell Family

Gray Family (Stony Point, NC)

Gray Family

Jordan Family (Siler City, NC)

Jordan Family

Lutz Family (Lincolnton, NC)

Lutz Family

Myers Family (Jonesville, NC)

Z. Myers Family

Payne Family (Taylorsville, NC)

Payne Family

Smith Family (Lexington, NC)

Smith Family

Smitherman (East Bend, NC)

Smitherman Family

Wright Family (Franklinville, NC)

Wright Family


Dorn Family (Edgefield, SC)

Dorn Family

Easter Family (Laurens, SC)

Easter Family

Ettinger Family (Kinards, SC)

Ettinger Family

Mayer Family (Newberry, SC)

Mayer Family

Nance Family (McConnells, SC)

Nance Family

Riddle Family (Norway, SC)

Riddle Family

Satterwhite (Newberry, SC)

Satterwhite Family

Stephenson Family (Chester, SC)

Stephenson Family


Arwood Family (Madison, TN)

Arwood Family

Bayless Family (Ardmore, TN)

Bayless Family

Beard Family (Santa Fe, TN)

Beard Family

Blackburn (Jefferson City, TN)

Blackburn Family

Davis Family (Philadelphia, TN)

Davis Family

Dougherty (Madisonville, TN)

Dougherty Family

J. Harrison (Philadelphia, TN)

J. Harrison Family

S. Harrison (Loudon, TN)

S. Harrison Family

Lee Family (Englewood, TN)

Lee Family

Moss Family (Cottage Grove, TN)

Moss Family

Roberson (Chapel Hill, TN)

Roberson Family

Steer Family (Cottage Grove, TN)

Steer Family


Heatwole Family (McGaheysville, VA)

Heatwole Family

Hockman Family (Winchester, VA)

Hockman Family

Holsinger Family (Waynesboro, VA)

Holsinger Family

Moyer Family (Amelia, VA)

Moyer Family

Myers Family (Dayton, VA)

Myers Family

Nuckols Family (Beaverdam, VA)

Nuckols Family

Smith Family (Remington, VA)

Smith Family

Vanderhyde Family (Chatham, VA)

Vanderhyde Family

Flory Family (Dublin, VA)

Flory Family


Rexing Family (Owensville, IN)

Rexing Family


Want to see more? Check out our Dairy Farm Family Photo Albums on Flickr.

*Outside of region, but included in Southeast dairy checkoff.