Eating Healthy for the Wedding

It is official: wedding season is here! Whether you’re a guest who wants to lose weight or a bride who wants to look unforgettable, it all starts with what you eat and drink. With my clients (and myself), I’m a big believer in smart choices that have more than one purpose. With these 5 tips, you can be well on your way to living Healthfully Ever After.

Plan ahead: From your grocery list to checking out the menu before you go out to dinner, a little planning ahead can ensure nutrient rich and wedding wellness smart choices 24/7.

Have breakfast: Skipping breakfast puts you at risk for over-eating convenient but nutrient-void foods later in the day. Start with a skim milk latte plus Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts. Studies show that 3 servings of dairy a day may help maintain a healthy weight!

Pack snacks: Don’t be stuck on the road or in the office without a healthy option. Storing snacks or bringing them from home will ensure that when hunger strikes, you have a great option. Some of my favorites include a smoothie like this pomegranate version, carrots with hummus, nuts and dried fruit, and sometimes even a square of antioxidant packed dark chocolate.

Be balanced: Fad diets that tout avoiding entire food groups or only eating one kind of food do not work in the long run. Make your lunch and dinner plates match the MyPlate model for a balanced and sustainable plan.

Pick super foods: Antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables also keep you full because of fiber. Low fat dairy gives you protein to feel full and refuel after a workout, but it also has important B vitamins (riboflavin and niacin) for a healthy metabolism.

With simple steps like these, getting ready for wedding season can be the start to a healthier life in the long run.


Carlene Thomas PhotoGuest post by Carlene Thomas RD, LD

Carlene Thomas is a registered dietitian in Virginia. She helps brides achieve wedding wellness through her company Healthfully Ever After. Carlene also works with a variety of companies and schools to find delicious and lasting ways to keep people healthy. She is also the current PR and Media chair for the Virginia Dietetic Association. Connect with Carlene on Twitter @CarleneRD.