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Dairy Protein: The Steady Way to a Lean Body

Just like your favorite smoothie recipe needs the right quantity of each ingredient, so does the recipe for building a lean and healthy body. With so many diets promising easy solutions to the “perfect body,” what are the best recommendations based on the current science? [...]

Top Five Favorite Lactose-Free Recipes for Summer

Summer is a time when cookouts and get-togethers seem to happen every weekend, but if you have lactose intolerance, these events may not be as fun since you may feel limited by the food choices. Enjoy summer gatherings again by wowing your guests or bringing [...]

Three Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is a childhood favorite that has become an adult staple for its many health benefits, including some that might surprise you! Chocolate milk is the perfect recovery beverage - Chocolate milk is called nature’s recovery beverage because it provides a natural source of [...]

Clean Eating and Milk

“Clean eating” has become a popular phrase these days. While this notion is sometimes over-emphasized to the point of creating a fear of certain foods, the essential message is a helpful and simple one. The premise is that less is more. By “less,” it means [...]

Cottage Cheese is Cool Again

Whether it’s fashion or food, the adage, “What’s old is new again,” holds true. As far back as the 1800s, people began hearing how, “Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey.” Cottage cheese was popularized with the diet trends of [...]

Power Your Performance with Protein-Packed Dairy

For athletes seeking an edge over their competition, dairy delivers a simple strategy for athletes to power up their plate with protein. Just like getting to the top of your sport, proper protein intake requires consistent practice and the performance gains are well worth the [...]

We All Scream for GELATO!

Photo Credit: Mike Buck Photography Who doesn’t love something cold, creamy, and delicious to help beat the summer heat, especially in the South? During recent travel to meet with some of our Louisiana Dairy Farmers, I had the opportunity to stop by and tour the [...]

Don’t Ditch Dairy When You Travel

Traveling this summer and don’t want to unravel your healthy diet? Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or car, quick-stop dining can be healthy and economical. Save your splurges for your destination and make healthy choices on travel days by deciding ahead of time [...]

Celebrate Independence with Yogurt Parfait Cones

Welcome to summer! One of my favorite things about summer is all of the colorful, seasonal fruit. I especially love berries. Fresh berries can make any dish feel fancy without much work, plus they’re bursting with healthful antioxidants and fiber. These Berry Yogurt Parfait Cones [...]