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Take Your Food Further with Herbs and Spices

This month we celebrate National Nutrition Month with the theme Go Further with Food. Let’s look at ways to not only make our food taste better but to work harder for us by adding herbs and spices. A recent study from the Nutrition Journal that analyzed [...]

Cereal + Dairy = Powerful Nutrient Combination

Today is National Cereal Day which is celebrated annually on March 7th. I LOVE this classic breakfast food and have had intense cravings for cereal all throughout my current pregnancy, so I found it only fitting to write about this topic. It is also fitting [...]

Rock and Roll Marathon Series

Although I am not a committed runner, I do have a medal from the 2017 Crescent City Classic proving I finished. Therefore, I know what the Run, Rock, and Roll runners participating in the upcoming Rock 'n Roll Marathon Series® have in store beginning March [...]

Celebrate Chocolate Month with a Dairy Good Recipe

This February, we’re celebrating chocolate, that seductively rich ingredient that makes our days and desserts just a little bit sweeter. Although it often gets a bad rap, chocolate is now being heavily researched for potential health benefits from its high concentration of phenols and antioxidants. [...]

Wine and Cheese Pairings for National Drink Wine Day

There's no shortage of National Days to celebrate during the calendar year. Just this month we have National Pizza Day, National Sticky Bun Day, and National Drink Wine Day. I’m personally stoked about the latter, observed on February 18. As a registered dietitian, who is [...]

5 Reasons to Love Dairy Again

February is Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month and recently, I had the pleasure of attending the #LoveDairyAgain culinary event hosted by The Dairy Alliance. Each item on the menu featured lactose-free or low-lactose dairy foods, including a delicious Moo-tini, Cheddar Fondue, Buffalo Spicy Chicken with Yogurt [...]

Fuel Up To Play 60 Dairy Farm Tour

As a Dietetic Intern, you never know where your rotations are going to take you. My time with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Child Nutrition Department led to my favorite adventure yet. Through the Fuel Up To Play 60 program, students from Lebanon Road Elementary were invited to [...]

3 Ways to Step Up Your Taco Tuesday Game

Everyone loves tacos! In fact, we love our tacos so much that they have their own day of the week and year (October 4). We can often get stuck in a ‘taco rut’ and make the same taco recipe every time. Follow these tips to [...]

How True Blue Milk is Produced from a Future Dietitian’s Perspective

Growing up in big metropolitan cities, I rarely had the opportunity to see or visit any dairy farms. After moving to Tennessee to continue my nutrition education at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), I realized dietitians are linked to agriculture and must understand how food [...]