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A Yogurt a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Several new studies have found that a yogurt a day might help keep the doctor away. As we learn more about the connection between the billions of bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract and our weight, immune system

Give the Goodness of Milk this Holiday

Have you ever made a late-night milk run, because it's a staple in your family’s home and you were out? How often do you drink milk, put it on your cereal, or use it for cooking or in your morning coffee?

Atlanta Community Food Bank Milk Donation Programs

The Atlanta Community Food Bank is proud to partner with the Southeast Dairy Association to find innovative

Golden Milk: An Exotic Twist on an Old Favorite

‘Golden milk’ is all the rage right now and for good reason. The main ingredient, turmeric, has been proven to aid in digestion and decrease inflammation and cancer risk, among other health benefits.

Organic Milk vs. Regular Milk: What’s the Difference?

As a registered dietitian who works for the dairy industry, I am often asked, “Is organic milk healthier than regular

Freddie Falcon Goes to the Farm

11.17.2016 Atlanta Falcons mascot Freddie Falcon, with the help of the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, recently visited a local dairy farm in North Georgia to learn about the importance of proper nutrition and physical activity. See the video here!

Gwinnett County Public Schools Hometown Grant

10.18.2016 In October, the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) School Nutrition Program received a Hometown Grant of $10,000 from the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association and the Atlanta Falcons. The funds will be used to support school nutrition efforts in the Berkmar cluster of Gwinnett [...]

Student Athletes Excel with Chocolate Milk

Student athletes have many choices to make: What sport to play, brand of gear to use, position to play and increasingly—sports beverage to drink. In fact, sports drinks are among the most marketed products to young

What is My Recommended Daily Protein Intake?

As a dietitian, I am often asked, “How much protein do I need?” The answer is: It depends. The amount of protein your body needs depends on your age, gender and activity level, but for the average person, science suggests