On the Go? Eat Together for the Health of It

If you haven’t heard, research shows that eating together as a group or family provides both physical and mental health benefits. Family meals promote healthier eating choices in children and can even prove beneficial in the classroom. Coworkers who regularly eat together also work better [...]

A Plan for Picky Eaters

According to research, children who eat frequent meals with their family have better nutrition, higher grades, increased self-esteem and exhibit less risky behaviors. Yet, despite these important benefits, only 30 percent of families make time to eat one meal together each day. One barrier to [...]

The Struggle is Real with Family Meals

Raise your hand if your family struggles to eat dinner together…I bet most readers have their hands raised. So many families, mine included, have difficulty finding time to sit down and share a meal together. Long work hours, traveling for work, extracurricular activities and pure [...]

This October Make Time to Eat Together, Eat Better with Real Dairy

For many households, gathering around the table for family meals is as obsolete as a rotary phone. Regular sit-down dinners have been lost to demanding schedules and never-ending after-school activities. In fact, according to a recent survey, 10 percent of American families don’t have a [...]

Donate Dairy for National Food Bank Day

Hunger affects people in every community across the country and could be one job loss or medical crisis away for anyone. Not everyone struggling with hunger qualifies for federal nutrition assistance, and food banks are making it their mission to bridge this gap. In congruence [...]

Recover Like a Champion with Chocolate Milk

There’s no better feeling than crossing the finish line on race day. And after months of hard work, early mornings, aches, pains, sweat and pushing your body to the limit, there’s no better reward than treating your body to the best in recovery nutrition! That’s [...]

Healthy Ways to Dress Up a Waffle for Waffle Day

One thing worth making time for this busy back-to-school season is breakfast! Research suggests a nutritious breakfast is a key contributor to kid’s academic success. Waffles are a good breakfast choice made with the right ingredients. In honor of National Waffle Day on August 24, [...]

Keys to Success in the Classroom and On the Field

The excitement of the new school year has officially hit! Yellow buses packed with eager learners are back on the road, parents have spent the last few weeks buying their children school supplies to set them up for a successful school year, and athletes are [...]

Build a Balanced Lunch

It’s almost time to send the kids back to school, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to pack for lunch! Although I don’t have kids yet, I pack lunch daily for me and my husband, and I am always trying to [...]