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Talking Dairy Nutrition with Your Children

As a registered dietitian, I try to lead by example with the foods I offer my children. April 27 is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day and I recently realized I wasn’t doing to best job of telling my children why I buy

Fueling with Dairy for Big Gains

Spring training is in full effect for many out-of-season athletes. As the weather begins to warm, it’s important to remember to fuel your body properly for the intensity of off-season training and to prevent injury.

Building a Better Athlete: Bone Health with Dairy

Practice, preparation, and proper hydration are keys to achieving peak performance. A commonly overlooked component of athletic success

Dairy Foods Help Relieve Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Achew! A thin yellow layer of pollen has started to cover everything around the Southeast and many are

Affordable Ways to Add Dairy to Your Day

I often get questions about how to eat healthy while not spending a lot of time or money to do so. The truth is, that when it comes to eating healthy

Maintaining Muscle with Dairy

Spring fever is approaching and the warm weather inspires many of us to get fit for the summer. But getting your body in shape requires more than a fancy gym membership or cutting edge running shoes.

Beat Daylight Savings Fatigue

Daylight Savings is quickly approaching and as a parent, I fully commiserate with fellow parents about its arrival. It doesn’t matter if the time is “falling back” or “springing forward,” our kids’ sleep patterns are inevitably disturbed, which means ours are, too

Put Your Best Fork Forward with Dairy

March is National Nutrition Month and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is encouraging everyone to eat healthier with the theme, "Put Your Best Fork Forward," by starting small—one forkful at a time

Flavored Milk for Recovery Nutrition

Every coach wants their athletes to perform at their highest levels on the field or court, as well as in the classroom. Optimal performance begins with proper recovery, and flavored milk, such as low-fat chocolate milk, is a great sports nutrition option that rehydrates the body [...]