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Examining Evidence for Dairy & Diabetes

The latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend consuming dairy foods (three daily servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy) as part of a healthy eating pattern to reduce the risk for chronic diseases, but what about for diabetes in particular? With ever-evolving nutrition research, staying current [...]

Raise Your Glass (or Carton): It’s World School Milk Day

World School Milk Day (WSMD) will be held this year on Wednesday, Sep. 27 as a way to promote the importance of milk as part of a healthy, balanced diet in schools all over the world! Check out the great photos from events around the [...]

Health Benefits of Dairy for Student Athletes

Photo: The Grainger High School Lady Grizzlies (Tennessee) enjoy chocolate milk after practice. According to the “Go Out and Play: Youth Sports in America” survey, 69 percent of girls and 75 percent of boys currently participate in organized and team sports. Children participating in team [...]

The Great American Milk Drive Kicks Off

Have you ever made a late-night milk run, because it’s a family staple and you were out? How often do you drink milk, put it on your cereal, or use it for cooking or in your morning coffee? As kids head back for the new school year, [...]

Healthy Dairy Recipes for Kids

School is back in session, which also means fall sports are here! As children spend afternoons, evenings, and weekends participating in their favorite activities, it is important to keep them properly fueled before and after. Childhood is a key time of development, especially for children’s [...]

Fifteen Tasty Tips for Back to School

Grab your backpacks and pencils -- it's back to school time! Busy parents are always looking for fast, healthy, and tasty foods to keep their families fueled up. Here are 15 ideas to get the health benefits of dairy during the school year. Breakfast Breakfast kick-starts your [...]

Back to School Hydration with Dairy

A new school year brings another year of school sports. With average temperatures still in the 90s throughout much of the South, it's vital that student athletes are properly hydrated before, during, and after practice. As little as a 1 percent loss in body weight [...]

Trade-worthy Lunchbox Ideas for Dairy Lovers

With many schools already in session and others following right behind, are you ready to ramp up your lunchbox game? You’re in luck! Take a look at some of our favorite lunchbox ideas that will have everyone at your child’s lunch table clamoring to trade. [...]

Dairy Protein: The Steady Way to a Lean Body

Just like your favorite smoothie recipe needs the right quantity of each ingredient, so does the recipe for building a lean and healthy body. With so many diets promising easy solutions to the “perfect body,” what are the best recommendations based on the current science? [...]