Organic Milk vs. Regular Milk: What’s the Difference?

As a registered dietitian who works for the dairy industry, I am often asked, “Is organic milk healthier than regular

Freddie Falcon Goes to the Farm

11.17.2016 Atlanta Falcons mascot Freddie Falcon, with the help of the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, recently visited a local dairy farm in North Georgia to learn about the importance of proper nutrition and physical activity. See the video here!

From Farm to School, Table, and Fridge

Dairy Farmer, Carl Chaney with SUDIA staff members Alan Curtsinger and Melinda Turner. School nutrition professionals from across Kentucky gathered in September in Bowling Green for the annual Kentucky School Nutrition Association (KSNA) Administrators’ Summit. Staying with the theme, “Keeping on Track,” local [...]

The Dairy Farmer: A Lesson in Sustainability

Saddle up while I tell you about a fascinating farm tour and educational experience at the recent “Honor the Harvest” Summit hosted by the National Dairy Council.

What June Dairy Month Means to Me?

I was recently asked what does June Dairy Month mean to me. I responded that it is a chance to celebrate an industry near and dear to my heart. It is also an industry that has offered me a number of opportunities

Connecting Dairy Farmers and School Nutrition Professionals

“Farm to table,” “farm to school” and “organic or conventional” are common phrases heard in today’s conversation about food. Agriculture is a hot topic, as consumers want to know more about where their food comes from.

A Dairy Farm through a Future Registered Dietitian’s Eyes

I recently had the opportunity to go on a tour at Glo-Crest Dairy in Clermont, Ga.

Meet Your Milk-Maker

These days, everyone has become a foodie, with photos of the healthy (and not so healthy) foods we eat rampant on Instagram, though somehow, we seem to have lost our connection to the foods we eat.

Dairy Farm Opens Doors to Dietitians

If asked, could you trace your family tree back to the first family member to come to America? It’s possible, but raise your hand if you can say your family has farmed the same land for five consecutive generations? That’s doubtful, unless you are the [...]