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5 Lactose Intolerance Mythbusters

Myth 1: People with lactose intolerance can’t have any dairy products. BUSTED: Most people with lactose intolerance can comfortably enjoy a small amount of dairy. Those with mild lactose malabsorption may be able to have a full glass of milk, which contains 12 grams of [...]

Top Three Uses for Milk Before it Expires

Is there anything worse? You have a gallon of milk in the fridge, half empty, and it’s quickly reaching its use-by date. Not to worry- you won’t have to throw it out. Here are three of my favorite ways to use  milk before it goes [...]

National Nutrition Month 2014: Enjoy the TASTE of Eating Right

Every March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates National Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is “Enjoy the TASTE of Eating Right.” Research shows that taste trumps all else in the decision about what to eat.  No matter if you’re at grocery store, dining [...]

Love at First Sip

Any runner can tell you the story of how they first feel in love with chocolate milk as an athlete. For many, it started on a dreary morning filled with anticipation and excitement. Huddled together with thousands of anxious runners ready to cross the start [...]

What I learned after 26.2 miles

It's 4:30 a.m. and the house is eerily quiet as I roll out of bed. Like a plane on autopilot I make coffee and peanut butter and banana toast. Fueling my body for the big day was easy; fueling my spirit seemed impossible. Where excitement should [...]

Friends Fighting Obesity over Food

Sharing the same professional passions with personal friends is like icing on the friendship cake. And nothing is better than reconnecting with those individuals over great food! That is precisely what happened one chilly afternoon at The Iron Horse Grill in Jackson, MS; three passionate [...]

Avoid the Hunger Games

The November release of Catching Fire, the movie sequel to The Hunger Games, is sure to be another hit; however, episodes of hunger happen every day and you don’t need to be Katniss to outsmart them! People, who follow fad diets, such as those that [...]

Farmers and YOU Can Help Fight Hunger

How's your momma and them? (That’s a traditional greeting from Mississippi.) I am proud to be Mississippi born and fed. Being a daughter-in-law of a Mississippi farmer, I believe supporting local agriculture is a safe and affordable way to improve the health and wellness of [...]

Fall in Love with Soup

Fall is the best, it brings pumpkin patches, camp fires, and flannel pajamas! But for many families fall is a fast paced season. A piping-hot bowl of soup or stew can be a solution for getting delicious, healthy meals on the table. As the leaves [...]