Alabama High School Fuels Up!

On January 15, hundreds of Butler High School students gathered in the gym for a pep rally. Cheerleaders led chants while the drum line played and the dance team performed. The air buzzed with excitement, but not for the defeat of a rival team. Students were celebrating a victory of a different kind. Butler High School was awarded first place in the Purity Titans of Taste Breakfast Contest; a game all students had the chance to participate in.

The high school competed with 279 other schools in Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky to increase their overall breakfast participation from the previous year. Through in-school promotions and encouragement from teachers, students at the school raised their breakfast participation by a remarkable 63% compared to the previous year making them champions of the contest. This winning stat means students who were likely skipping breakfast before are now starting their day with a well-balanced meal of low-fat dairy, whole grains, protein and fruit or vegetables. Eating breakfast provides students nutrients that may be missing in their diet like potassium, fiber, calcium and vitamin D. It can also lead to more success in the classroom. According to research, kids who eat a healthy breakfast have better memory and focus and score higher on tests.

During the Pep Rally, representatives from Purity, SUDIA and the Tennessee Titans presented Butler High School with a $5,000.00 check. Students were also honored with special guests including local dairy farmer Raybon Bayless, the Purity “Pint Man”, Titans cheerleaders and Titans player Marc Mariani. After the pep rally, Mariani held a Q&A session with the FUTP60 student ambassadors from the school where he talked about how eating a healthy diet that includes calcium rich dairy has been critical in preparing him to play on the football field.

Check out SUDIA’s website to learn more about the Fuel Up to Play 60 program and NFL partnerships in your area!